We at Can West Movers have built a name in the business you can trust. We’ve worked hard to make our reputation above reproach. Our goal is to make you move easy and hassle free! We are the solution for all your relocating and needs. We offer residential and commercial services.

If you are in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver or the surrounding areas we are your complete solution..If you are looking for a reliable and experienced packing and moving company in your city, we are a perfect choice. You can count on us as we have many years of experience and know your locations perfectly.

Everyone on our team is professional, well mannered and we respond quickly. Contact us and we’ll immediately move into action for you.

People often take on moving by themselves to spare the cost of hiring movers. However, people often find out that they are in over their heads and are overwhelmed with the physical and mental challenges of moving. In the end it can actually end up costing more to do it yourself. Experience, equipment and manpower are essential. We provide all three!

Moving is stressful. With our competency and professionalism working for you, it doesn’t have to be.We will take care of you.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide best services to each customer. We respect your time and resources so we respond and work quickly. We provide safe delivery of all your items. We make sure you are relocated quickly, safely and securely.

Our Values

Moving can be present a lot of trouble, especially when you are alone. However, working with proficient packers and movers can dispense with all the problems. Let the expert packers and movers at Can West Movers be there for you.

We Serve the Entire Bay Area

San Francisco

1234 Divi st. #103
San Francisco, CA 45923

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East Bay Area

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Oakland, CA 23095

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South Bay Area

2351 Bloom Ave.
San Jose, CA 62962

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